Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Emperor Nicholas II’s Dressing Room in the Winter Palace

The architect Alexander Krasovsky reconstructed in 1895 the former dining room on the 2nd floor of the Winter Palace into the Gothic Library (178 on the plan), a dressing room (179) and bathroom (961) for Emperor Nicholas II.

Photograph today (below) from the door of the Gothic Library into the Dressing Room

Photograph c1917 and today (below) of the door to Nicholas’ Bathroom

Photograph (below) of the stained-glass window facing into the small inner courtyard

I discovered last week the photograph (below) taken in the fall of 1917 showing the open door to the valet’s room (180) and a partial view of the door on the left to the Gothic Library

Photograph today (below) from the door of the former dressing room into the valet’s room (180) and private study (181)


  1. Wow Joanna!
    The Dining room you mentioned are there any paintings of it?
    Ghostie x

  2. Only archival documents on the dining room. One day a painting may be discovered!