Friday, 6 July 2018

Horses Water Trough at the Winter Palace

In my blog post on September 6, 2016 I described the history of the parade ground in front of the Winter Palace’s west side facing Admiralty Square. Newly discovered archival documents now confirm the identification of the mysterious gazebo structure in front of the Saltykov Entrance.

Photographs late 1800s (below) of the Admiralty side with a view of the gazebo structure

After Nicholas II and the family moved into the Winter Palace on December 31st 1895, the emperor ordered the construction of an enclosed private garden in the former parade ground. Workers in June 1896 began ‘preparing the site by removing the rails, cobblestones and dismantling the metal water trough’. Carriages were stationed at the Saltykov Entrance awaiting for the appearance of the emperor or other family members. The position of the trough was convenient for the horses.

Photograph c1900 (below) of a view of the Admiralty side [Note on the left the balcony off Empress Alexandra’s Winter Garden in the 1840s-50s and Nicholas II’s Private Study from 1895. Below is the former small entrance to Nicholas I’s Small Study on the 1st floor.]

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