Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Jewel Album of Empress Maria Fedorovna

The Jewel Album’s front page has the inscription ‘Alexandria 1894 Maria’ in Empress Maria Feodorovna’s handwriting. In the summer of 1894 a lady-in-waiting started drawing the empress’ jewels. Later in the winter of 1894-1895 after the death of Alexander III, Empress Maria began writing their descriptions in the columns.

Fourteen pages of thirty (below) from the Jewel Album
In 1885 the King and Queen of Denmark gave their daughter a brooch with the inscription Fredensborg with five pins; pearl, emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond. Her brother King George I of the Hellenes gave her between 1887 and 1897 three pins: the Greek flag, Danish flag and Royal Standard of the King. In 1892 she received from her brother a gold bracelet with the white Danish elephant and in October for her 25th wedding anniversary, a badge with his initials and XXV.



  1. Wonderful! I didn't know this jewel existed. : )

  2. I wonder what gave her the idea to do this. It's a great idea!

  3. The wife of Grand Duke Vladimir, Olga Feodorovna, also has an album. Also Nicholas and later Alexandra.

  4. @Joanna Wrangham : i believe grand duke Vladimir's wife was named Marie Pavlovna (the Elder) née duchess Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, not Olga Feodorovna. -- Olga Feodorovna (née Cecilie of Baden) was the wife of Mikhail Nikolaevich.

    now, which is the one who had their own jewel album? Marie Pavlovna or Olga Feodorovna?

    1. Thanks. It should be Olga Feodorovna, the wife of Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich.