Sunday, 29 July 2018

Rare Photograph of the Dining Room in the Lower Dacha Peterhof

In 1896 Nicholas II decided to reconstruct the Lower Dacha in Peterhof to increase the space for their growing family.

Photograph (below) of the Lower Dacha from the sea
The main building retained some of the original interiors that he had chosen when grand duke. In 1904 the dining room was redecorated.

Rare photograph (below) of the Dining Room in the Lower Dacha c1890-1903
Photograph c1930s (below) of the redecorated Dining Room


  1. It is so incredible, isn't it? Though I had to chuckle about them needing more space. That place is huge!

    I wonder what this part of history would have been like (the Cold War, Russia, America) if they had lived and the Bolsheviks had failed.

  2. Nicholas added a children's wing for the growing family. There were also other buildings: kitchen, staff, etc.