Sunday, 11 November 2018

Informal Photographs from the Albums of Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich

Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich had married Natalie Brasova on October 16th 1912 in Vienna without his brother Nicholas II’s permission.  With her daughter from a previous marriage and their one-year-old son George, they lived in various places in Europe and in the fall of September 1913 rented Knebworth near London. When war started in 1914 they were allowed to return to the grand duke’s house in Gatchina near St. Petersburg.

Photographs (below) of Grand Duke Mikhail’s House in Gatchina, Grand Duke Dmitry and Gatchina Palace


Photographs (below) of the family at Knebworth and on vacation

Photograph (below) of the Church in Vienna where the couple were married


  1. These are so wonderful! Misha is my favorite Romanov. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I have seen a quarter of photos from the albums. There are over 200!

    2. Any chance of a coffee table book.

    3. The photo albums were hidden since the revolution by friends of Natalia Brasova, only recently discovered.